I'm jonas kobza

Developer | Creator

i like to build stuff - this is my journey through development and design. I am always looking to grow my skills and knowledge, and to be a part of the next groundbreaking project.

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Developer | Chainbird | Chicago, IL

  • Designed and constructed high traffic websites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

  • Consulted on numerous blockchain projects in order to streamline user experience and enhance revenue.

  • Spearheaded corporate digital marketing campaign to increase brand exposure for a variety of startups.

Freelance | Chicago, IL

  • Developed custom, engaging websites for a variety of projects and startups.

  • Built and optimized high-conversion Shopify storefronts to drive sales for a variety of businesses.

  • Ran successful Facebook and Google ad campaigns utilizing advanced data collection to drive sales to online stores.

  • Consulted on Shopify businesses to increase revenue and traffic by increasing conversions across all levels of ad-funnel visitors.


PPO Reinforcement Learning Model for Retro Video Games

  • Built a functioning reinforcement learning model for the retro video game Super Street Fighter II implementing stable-baselines 3, which is based on OpenAI’s Baselines.

  • Engineered a reward function based on game variables (Score, Health, Etc) and trained the agent by simulating fights with the game’s built in AI.

  • Utilized Optuna to automate hyperparameter search and optimize model hyperparameters.

  • Integrated TensorFlow to monitor agent performance and hyperparameters tuning.

Rudimentary Photo Recognition of whiteboard writing using Linear Algebra and Python

  • Implemented a non-neural network approach for distinguishing Pi and Tau symbols written on a whiteboard by converting submitted images into a 3x3 matrix of 1s and 0s and applying matrix math to them.

  • Leveraged properties of invertible matrices from linear algebra, and was able to convert a matrix into a vector and multiply it by another matrix to determine if the letter written was Pi (ⲡ), Tao (τ), or neither in O(1) efficiency.